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Menstrual Cup Canada, Just Works!

by Menstrual Cup (2016-11-20)

Menstrual cup Canada, just works!

For all women in Canada who just want a more comfortable life. This period cup works great! I'm just never going back to regular Tampons!! I have only used this menstrual cup twice so far but will be using it again next week. At work it made my monthly experience soo much better then before. The cup is extremely comfortable and once you get the hang of using the menstrual cup, it is really easy and simple to use. My fear was that I would be grossed out by the whole thing and I would make a mess all of the time. Menstrual cups do have their gross moments but are no worse then a pad or tampon. I got the large menstrual cup shipped to me in here in Canada just in case the small size cup was too small as I tend to flow a little heavier. I am really happy with that decision and just soo glad I bought this awesome menstrual cup. It Just Works!, It's nice to forget that you're on your period.

menstrual cup canada because simple is awesome!


About this Menstrual Product (Canada)


  • JUST WORKS FOR UP TO 12 HOURS LEAK FREE You can sleep throughout the night, play sports, go to the gym, dance the night away, travel and do all the stuff you love to do in Canada all while wearing nice underwear! Forget you have your period with the Menstrual Cup you can’t even feel it in there and its odor free.
  • FOR A TOXIN-FREE HEALTHY VAGINA - With no more chemicals, toxins and bleached tampon fibres your natural lining stays intact without the dryness, irritation and cramping caused by tampons. You can even put this menstrual cup in just before your period comes so you’re not caught out.