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Landman, Karen
Lavalée-Picard, Virginie, Farmer
Lavallée-Picard, Virginie
Lawrence, Herenia P., University of Toronto Faculty of Dentistry
Lawther, Isaac, University of Waterloo
LeBlanc, Joseph
Lee, Angela, University of Ottawa
Lee, Una
Levkoe, Charles Z.
Levkoe, Charles Z., Lakehead University (Canada)
Levkoe, Charles Z, Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo, ON
Levkoe, Charles Z., Lakehead University, Ontario
Lickers Xavier, Adrianne, Royal Roads University
Lowitt, Kristen, McGill University
Luppens, Lise


MacLean, Jullian, Inuvialuit Regional Corporation
MacLeod, Erna, Assistant Professor, Communication School of Arts and Social Sciences Cape Breton University
MacLeod, Erna, Cape Breton University
MacRae, Rod, York University, Toronto, Ontario
MacRae, Rod, York University, Toronto, Ontario
Magnan, André
Malkinson, Agnes
Maltais, Alexandre, INRS Urbanisation, culture et sociétés Montreal and Quebec City http://www.inrs.ca/english/research-centres/urbanisation-culture-societe-research-centre
Margulis, Matias, Sterling University
Margulis, Matias, University of Sterling (United Kingdom)

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