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Schneider, Gavin
Schnurr, Matthew A.
Schumilas, Theresa, Wilfrid Laurier University
Scott, Caitlin Michelle, University of Waterloo
Scott, Steffanie
Scott, Steffanie (Canada)
Scrinis, Gyorgy
Seed, Barbara, Independent food and nutrition policy consultant
Shilomboleni, Helena, University of Waterloo
Si, Zhenzhong
Sinclair, A. John, Natural Resources Institute, University of Manitoba
Siu, Anne
Skinner, Kelly, University of Waterloo
Skinner, Kelly, Lakehead University
Slater, Joyce, University of Manitoba
Slater, Joyce, Human Nutritional Sciences
Smith, Chelsea, Quaker United Nations Office
Smythe, Elizabeth Ann, Concordia University College of Alberta
Smythe, Elizabeth Ann, Concordia University of Edmonton, Alberta
Sneyd, Adam, University of Guelph
Snipstal, Blain
Soma, Tammara, University of Toronto Department of Geography and Planning/ Food Systems Lab
Soma, Tammara
Spoel, Philippa, Laurentian University
Spring, Andrew, Wilfrid Laurier University

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