Challenges to acquiring and utilizing food literacy: Perceptions of young Canadian adults

  • Sarah Colatruglio University of Manitoba
  • Joyce Slater University of Manitoba
Keywords: Food literacy, well-being, nutrition, food skills, health


The purpose of this qualitative, grounded theory study was to explore the concept of food literacy from the perspective of young Canadian adults who recently transitioned to independent living. Seventeen individual, in-depth interviews were conducted with Canadian university students who recently transitioned to independent living. Results suggest that young adults face significant challenges with regard to healthy eating and acquiring and utilizing food literacy. The main reasons for these challenges were due to a lack of food and nutrition education prior to independent living through home and school environments, time-constraints, and complex food relationships. This study will add to the existing body of literature by exploring the food experiences of young adults and the concept of food literacy from their perceptions, thereby strengthening theoretical foundations and developing practical recommendations moving forward.

Original Research Article