A Review of Facing Catastrophe? Food Politics and the Ecological Crisis By Carl Boggs


  • Amanda Shankland Carleton University




environment, meat complex, agriculture, climate, meat consumption


In his most recent work, Facing Catastrophe, Boggs takes aim at the environmental movement and calls for radical reform. The author argues that political change matching the extent of the ecological problems we face is urgently needed, and that “there can be no routine, painless ‘greening’ of a neo-liberal world order rooted in the incessant accumulation of wealth, power, and geopolitical advantage, and protected by the largest military apparatus in history (Boggs, 2020, p. xvii).” The book makes suggestions for reform that include redirecting military funds toward the environment, reducing the number of people living in cities, and transitioning to plant-based diets across the world.

Author Biography

Amanda Shankland, Carleton University

Amanda Shankland is a third year doctoral candidate in the Department of Political Science, Carleton University. She has specializations in Comparative Politics and International Relations. Her areas of research expertise include agricultural trade, food security, climate change and rural development. 




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