The imperative to transform global food systems


  • Philip Loring University of Guelph



global food systems, social justice, ecosystem justice, land back, Truth and Reconciliation


Never before, perhaps, has there been greater consensus that our food systems need to be radically reimagined and transformed. However, there is also much contention among those working to advance these transformations over the solutions and futures that ought to be pursued. So, while there is great opportunity to enact truly radical actions that reduce hunger, rebuild and steward biodiversity, and redress the many harms and dispossessions of colonialism and extractive development, there is also great risk that the need for rapid change will be coopted by powerful elites as a shroud for advancing technocratic agendas and gaining further control of global food systems.




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Loring, P. (2021). The imperative to transform global food systems. Canadian Food Studies La Revue Canadienne Des études Sur l’alimentation, 8(3).