Eating and learning about food at school and on campus:

Farm to Cafeteria Canada (F2CC) in Metro Vancouver


  • Estevan Coca Professor



Teaching-learning, Farm to Cafeteria Canada, school food, campus food, Metro Vancouver


Food is an interdisciplinary topic that transverses different areas of knowledge, allowing it to be used as a pedagogical resource in numerous teaching-learning processes and environments. This paper seeks to contribute to early debates on the relationship between public procurement and food pedagogies in schools and universities, a topic that is still little addressed in the literature. I explore the Farm to Cafeteria Canada (F2CC) network in Metro Vancouver, British Columbia, which beyond institutional procurement recognises food as a pedagogical resource at schools and on campus. My research is based on 18 site visits and qualitative analysis of documents and 9 semi-structured interviews conducted with institutional administrators associated with F2CC in Metro Vancouver. This paper demonstrates how the F2CC network activities in Metro Vancouver contribute not only to food procurement, but also to the practical development of pedagogical activities from different areas of knowledge and in different educational spaces.




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Coca, E. (2022). Eating and learning about food at school and on campus:: Farm to Cafeteria Canada (F2CC) in Metro Vancouver. Canadian Food Studies / La Revue Canadienne Des études Sur l’alimentation, 8(4).