Engaging youth in food preservation: Examining knowledge and practice on Canada’s West Coast


  • Majing Oloko University of Saskatchewan
  • Maureen G. Reed
  • James P. Robson




Youth, Food preservation, Food knowledge, Canada


Youth in remote communities of Canada, including those in the Clayoquot Sound UNESCO Biosphere Region (CSUBR), can benefit from building food preservation knowledge because of the additional challenges they experience accessing healthy food. Regrettably, youth in these areas are not adequately engaged in food practices within households that support knowledge building. Schools and community food programs that serve to fill such learning gaps lack food preservation content and are developed without input from youth. Consequently, youth in remote areas, including those in the CSUBR, lack food preservation learning opportunities. To address these gaps, we examine youth participation in food preservation in the CSUBR. We adopted a participatory approach to emphasize youth perspectives. This paper is based on interviews, food preservation workshops, and workshop evaluations with youth. The interviews provided multiple perspectives, including current youth engagement in food preservation activities and factors that hinder or motivate youth participation in food preservation. In addition, we organized food preservation workshops to support youth learning goals. These workshops were evaluated to highlight participants' experiences, including their efficacy in supporting food preservation knowledge building. Findings show that youth are not adequately participating in food preservation compared to other food provisioning activities. Factors such as the lack of teachers hinder youth from participating in food preservation. The workshops supported youth in building various food preservation techniques and learning about the cultural importance of food – important skills and knowledge to support youth food security and their community's food sovereignty.




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Oloko, M., Reed, M. G., & Robson, J. P. (2022). Engaging youth in food preservation: Examining knowledge and practice on Canada’s West Coast. Canadian Food Studies La Revue Canadienne Des études Sur l’alimentation, 9(3), 61–86. https://doi.org/10.15353/cfs-rcea.v9i3.523