Towards Just Food Futures

Divergent approaches and possibilities for collaboration across difference


  • Marit Rosol University of Calgary
  • Eric Holt-Giménez Directer Emeritus Food First/Institute for Food and Development Policy
  • Lauren Kepkiewicz University of Manitoba
  • Elizabeth Vibert University of Victoria



Food movements, justice, prefiguration, strategy, state, community, academics, public sphere


The call for Just Food Futures reflects a desire to address social inequities, health disparities, and environmental disasters created by overlapping systems of oppression including capitalism, white supremacy, and heteropatriarchy. While many food movement actors share a desire to meaningfully tackle these issues, the richness and broadness of the food movement does not come without problems. The challenge of engaging with the intersectional nature of food-based inequities is apparent in the tensions between distinctive food organizations and movements and their sometimes conflicting goals, approaches, tactics, and strategies. This Themed Section brings together some of the contributions to and reflections from a virtual three-day workshop held in May 2021 in which we aimed at better understanding the differing approaches, the spaces in which they work, and where we explored collaborative possibilities within, between, and beyond food movements.
In this Introduction we share reflections from the guest editors. To explore how food movements can collaborate in solidarity while not negating differences, we first identify key frictions within and between food-related movements and why they persist. Second, we suggest three strategic orientations that may help to explore collaborative possibilities within, between, and beyond food movements: Learning from other movements, fostering political literacy, and engaging with tensions productively. Finally, we consider the role and responsibility of academics within these conversations. We close with a call for (re)politization across difference and relate this back to strategies for broader social transformations.




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Rosol, M., Holt-Giménez, E., Kepkiewicz, L., & Vibert, E. (2022). Towards Just Food Futures: Divergent approaches and possibilities for collaboration across difference. Canadian Food Studies / La Revue Canadienne Des études Sur l’alimentation, 9(2), 1–30.