Vol. 9 No. 2 (2022): Towards Just Food Futures: Divergent approaches and possibilities for collaboration across difference

A visual map of the Towards Just Food Futures workshop. Headings and drawings reflect the struggles for food justice.

This issue includes a Themed Section that brings together some of the contributions to and reflections from a virtual three-day workshop held in May 2021, where the authors explored collaborative possibilities within, between, and beyond food movements.

Graphic recorder and artist Lynne Dalgleish attended the final "affinity mapping" sessions of the workshop and produced the issue's cover illustration. It speaks to the tensions that defined discussions and that shape struggles for food justice more broadly: for example, tensions between basic needs and the need for structural transformation; between reformist and radical strategies; and between approaches focused on food systems and those targeting income, welfare, and labour policies. Finally, the illustration reminds us that "all the work we are doing is within the structure of white supremacy" and its intersecting systems of colonialism, capitalism, and heteropatriarchy.

Published: 2022-07-15

Themed Section

Research Article