Review of Canadian literary fare by Nathalie Cooke, Shelley Boyd, with Alexia Moyer


  • Amanda Shankland Carleton University



Canadian literature, Canadian food, food literature, food writing, the food voice


This review looks at Canadian Literary Fare by Nathalie Cooke and Shelley Boyd, with Alexia Moyer. The book gives an unconventional exploration of 'food voices' in Canadian literature. The authors examine the food narratives of celebrated Canadian writers, like Alice Munro, Eden Robinson, Fred Wah, M. NourbeSe Philip, Tomson Highway, Rabindranath Maharaj, and others. The book explores the interactions between literary characters and food, challenging preconceptions about Canadian cuisine. It highlights the voices of Indigenous and immigrant writers, emphasizing the role of food in decolonization and reshaping identities. The authors discuss iconic Canadian foods, the symbolism of food markets, and food as demonstrative of struggles with poverty. Canadian Literary Fare is a valuable resource for those interested in the interplay between food culture and identity. It provides a refreshing departure from traditional approaches, examining Canadian culture through alternative 'food voices'.

Author Biography

Amanda Shankland, Carleton University

Amanda Shankland is a third year doctoral candidate in the Department of Political Science, Carleton University. She has specializations in Comparative Politics and International Relations. Her areas of research expertise include agricultural trade, food security, climate change and rural development. 




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Shankland, A. (2023). Review of Canadian literary fare by Nathalie Cooke, Shelley Boyd, with Alexia Moyer. Canadian Food Studies La Revue Canadienne Des études Sur l’alimentation, 10(3), 139–141.



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