Vol. 5 No. 2 (2018): Special Issue: Focus on Indigenous Food

image of a painted woman's body breastfeeding a baby, from the En’owkin Centre Breastfeeding Art Expo

Grassroots activism by individuals and organizations like Leesee Papatsie and Feeding My Family has brought national and international attention to the challenges facing many Indigenous communities in regards to the high cost of food in the Far North. While extremely important, the current struggles faced by Inuit communities in northern Canada are only one piece of the story. The histories of Indigenous foodways and practices are vast and traverse multiple geographies and spaces (urban and rural, northern and southern, land and water, etc.) Indigenous foodways include diverse worldviews and epistemologies; incorporate different land management activities/strategies; feature the many patterns and practices of survivance, resistance, and resurgence; combine Indigenous and Western food systems and practices; and encompass the imposition of colonial and corporate policy and governmentality. (image: En’owkin Centre Breastfeeding Art Expo)

Published: 2018-05-31

Book/Art/Event Review